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 International Chiropractors Association
Council on Upper Cervical Care

THE DIPLOMATE IN CHIROPRACTIC CRANIOCERVICAL JUNCTION PROCEDURES (DCCJP) is designed for upper cervical doctors of chiropractic who may already be proficient in a specific upper cervical procedure but wish to advance their diagnostic, analytical and clinical skills and also learn about other upper cervical procedures to help improve patient outcomes.

COURSE OF STUDY: The program includes 300+ hours of classroom instruction and takes 2.5 years to complete. A mandatory requirement is certification in one upper cervical procedure. The certifications accepted are NUCCA, Blair, Knee Chest, EPIC, Advanced Orthogonal, Atlas Orthogonal and Orthospinology. Doctors who are not certified in any of these procedures prior to enrolling in the DCCJP program may get their certification any time before sitting for the DCCJP Board Examination.  

TEST/REQUIREMENTS: There is an online exam after Module 9 which everyone must pass in order to continue to Year 2. Doctors who do not pass may retake the Year 1 exam when the program is offered again.  The writing of 2 research papers and an oral presentation of a research paper (Module 20) are also part of the curriculum and mandatory requirements.

WHO MAY REGISTER: Only doctors of chiropractic who have graduated from a CCE-accredited college may enroll in the program.

BOARD EXAMINATION: The Board Examination for the DCCJP is held once a year. It includes three written and three oral exams by three different examiners. It is held over 3 days depending on the number of candidates. The location for the exam is decided 6 months prior to the exam and may not necessarily be in the same city where the classes are held. 

Candidates must register for the exam on the required form.

Inaugural group of DCCJPs. Class of 2015.  Front Row, L to RDr. Jean-Paul Bohemier (AB, Canada), Dr. Melissa Licari (FL), Dr. Rachae Bell (WA), Johanna Hoeller (BC, Canada),  Dr. Patricia Gregg (Texas), Dr. Christine Theodossis (SC), Dr. Bo Rochester (Instructor, GA), Dr. Daniel Judge (MI), Dr. Matt  McNally ( WI), Dr. Mychal Beebe (NH), Dr. Jeff Scholten (AB, Canada), Dr. Joseph Miles (NC), Dr. Anthony Monnin (OH), Dr. Scott Bales (ON, Canada).2nd row L to R: Dr. Craig York (AR), Dr. Julie Mayer Hunt (Instructor, FL), Dr. Tyler Evans (NH), Dr. Ian Bulow (PA), Dr. Philip Schalow (IL) and Dr. Fred Schurger (IL). 

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